Visit the Friends Corner


Come into the Gilman Library and visit the Friends Corner!  The Friends of the Gilman Library will sell books, jigsaw puzzles and seasonal items.  The "store" will  always be open during library hours and run on the honor system (with a box for payment & donations). 

We meet on a quarterly basis.    

Please pick up a brochure at the library's front  desk to learn more about our organization. Consider joining the Friends  of the Gilman Library.  

Friends of the Gilman Library


We encourage everyone  to consider joining the Friends of the Gilman Library.  Throughout the  years, the Friends of Gilman Library have sponsored numerous fundraisers  and programs to benefit the library.  Founded in 1980, the Friends have  proven to be a real asset to the library. Being part of this wonderful  group is a great way to be together with old friends, meet new people,  support the library, and give back to the community. If interested, please visit the circulation desk, give us a  call, or send us a quick email.  Please consider joining us as we make new  friends. Feel free to encourage your friends to take part in this  wonderful opportunity that is sure to benefit everyone involved

Louise Landry, President

Lori Pankowski, Vice President

Cathy Burke, Treasurer

Cassidy Bisson, Communications Secretary

Ed Pankowski, Member-at-Large

For Information About New Hampshire Friends of the Library

Visit to learn more about being a friend of the library.