Enjoy an intriguing mystery curled up in this comfy shawl.

This lovely hand-crafted shawl, made in Alton Bay, NH and donated by the maker,  accompanies the John Grisham book  Camino Island, as the prize for the winner of our current raffle.  

The piece was made is made of 100% acrylic yarn, using the pattern "Road Trip Scarf." It is machine washable,  Use the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.

John Grisham's  Camino Island, tells of a  gang of thieves who stage a daring heist from a vault deep below Princeton  University’s Firestone Library.  Characters include:  1.) Bookstore owner, Bruce Cable,  a prominent dealer in rare books.  Who knows that his popular shop Camino Island, Florida, provides the perfect cover for more shady enterprises?  2.)  Mercer Mann, a young novelist with writer’s block, has recently been laid off from her teaching position.  3.)  An elegant woman working for a mysterious company.  She approaches Mercer and promises to compensate her generously,  to go undercover, infiltrate Cable’s circle, and learn his secrets.  

Soon Mercer learns far too much.


Raffle to be drawn, at closing on  Saturday, September 22nd.  Tickets are $1. each or Six for  $5.