Theater Thursdays Schedule

2:00 pm, Thursday, December 6


1947 - 90 min - Comedy Drama – Not Rated                     

To save her fortune from a designing nephew, Matilda  Reid must locate her three long-lost adopted sons in time for a Christmas Eve reunion.     


Director:  Edwin L. Marin 

Writers:  adapted from original stories by Laurence Stallings and Richard H. Landau 

Stars: George Raft, George Brent, Randolph Scott 

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2:00 pm, Thursday, January 3


1942 - 142 min - Drama, Romance, War -  PG                      

A cynical nightclub owner protects an old flame and her husband from Nazis in Morocco.   


Director:  Michael Curtiz  

Writers:  Julius J. Epstein   (screenplay), Philip G. Epstein   (screenplay)       

Stars:  Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid 

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2:00 pm, Thursday, February 7


1993 - 134 min -  Drama, Romance - PG

A butler who sacrificed body and soul to service in  the years leading up to World War II realizes too late how misguided his  loyalty was to his lordly employer.   


Director:  James Ivory   

Writers: Kazuo Ishguro (novel), Ruth Prawler Jhabvala  (screenplay)    

Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, John Haycraft 

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2:00 pm, Thursday, March 7


1962 - 134 min - Drama, Horror - Not Rated  

A former child star torments her paraplegic sister in their decaying Hollywood mansion.         

Director:   Robert Aldrich  

Writers: from the novel by Henry Farrell , Lukas Heller (screenplay)     

Stars:  Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono  

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2:00 pm, Thursday, April 4


1939 -  104 min -  Drama, Romance - NR

A young socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable  brain tumor, and must decide whether or not she'll meet her final days  with dignity.        

Director:  Edmund Goulding

Writers:  Casey Robinson (screen play), from the play by George Emerson Brewer, Jr.

Stars:  Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphrey Bogart

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2:00 pm, Thursday, May 2


1964 - 170 min - Drama, Family, Musical - G         

A snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager  that he can take a flower girl and make her presentable in high society.       

Director:  George Cukor

Writers:  Alan Jay Lerner (book), from a play by George Bernard Shaw (as Bernard Shaw)  

Stars:  Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway 

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2:00 pm, Thursday, Jun 6


1954 - 128 min - Crime, Mystery - NR

At Maria Vargas' funeral, several people recall who  she was and the impact she had on them.    

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz   Writer:  Joseph L. Mankiewicz  

Stars:  Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner, Edmond O' Brien  

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