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Featured in this book


Weathervanes of New England

by G.A. Knoblock & D. W. Wemmer



Available for loan from the Gilman Library: found in the John D. and Anna L. Williams Room (Adult wing),  shelved in the nonfiction section under Dewey classification.  The spine label on the shelf reads: 739.4 KNO 10/2018.

on page 144 and 145


Black and White photo of our weathervane on page 145 of 

Weathervanes of New England. 


Excerpt and Credits

from page 144-145

"Finally, in this category we end with those weathervanes that simultaneously extoll the virtues and joy of reading from an early age and offers up an outside invitation to patrons of all ages to clearly see what lies within.  These ideals are clearly reflected in the design of the Gilman Library in Alton, NH, which depicts in silhouette form two young adults, a boy and a girl, sitting back to back while reading a book.  The image for this vane was designed by local artist Peter Ferber, the vane put in place in 1997.  It was purchased for the town by the Gawlicki family in memory of their father, Edward Gawlicki.  It is not only a beloved symbol of library patrons in Alton, but has become the library logo, depicted on bookmarks, business cards, and newsletters."

The authors  acknowledged a long list of helpful individuals, including: 

"... Holly Brown, Library Director, Gilman Library, Alton, NH ..."  on page xi.


Knoblock, G.A. & Wemmer, D.W. (2018).

Weathervanes of New England. [pg. xi, 144-145]

Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc.